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Year 3

21.06.24 - Euros 2024!

This week in Green Base we have been really enjoying our learning based on the Euros 2024. We have been making our own table football games, creating football poetry and have analysed football statistics. Here are some pictures of Green Base representing data based on points scored in the Premier League this season. 


14.06.24 - Literacy!

In Green Base this week we have continued to unpick the story Escape from Pompeii. This week we have been doing some drama and recreating some of the scenes from the story. The children had to think very hard about how and what their bodies are representing and where different things need to be placed. This will support them in their writing next week as we will be writing sentences that begin with adverbial phrases for place.



07.06.24 - Literacy

In Green Base this week we have started looking at the text Escape from Pompeii. We have spent lots of time getting to know the book and examining the illustrations. The children had a go at drawing as illustrators. Have a look at  their Roman buildings and ships below!



24.05.24 - Geography!

In geography this week Green Base have been investigating how pressure can cause volcanic eruptions. Instead of covering the class with boiling hot lava the children used vinegar, washing up liquid and bicarbonate of soda!



17.05.24 - Maths!

In Green Base we have started looking at time in maths. The children have been using clocks to show the time to 5 minutes. Next week we will be moving on to solving problems to do with time. 



10.05.24 - Literacy!

In English, Green Base have been looking at the features of a non-chronological report. Here are the actions that the children created to help them remember some of the features. 


26.04.24 - Angry Earth!

In green base this week we have been starting our new topic on Angry Earth. We researched the impact of deforestation and then created posters to be the voice of nature. We then had a march around school chanting “Stop deforestation!” 




15.04.24 - Benjamin Zephaniah Week!

For Benjamin Zephaniah week, Green Base have been looking at the artistry of poetry.  They have spent time discussing how poetry needs to be performed and having a go at performing it themselves! They have looked at how the layout of poetry is important and how it can change how poems are read. To do this they copied out the poem ‘Football Mad’ in the correct layout, then illustrated it. We have also been learning about Benjamin’s life and the Jamaican culture, through artwork and music. 


08.03.24 - RE!

In Green Base the children listened to the biblical story ‘ Befriending of Zacchaeus,.  We discussed the story as a class and what true friendships are.  The children  then sequenced the story and made friendship bracelets to give to their friends in the class.




01.03.24 - Art!

Following on from our work on the artist Edward TingaTinga, this week we have been trying to sketch African wildlife. We are pleased with the results!



23.02.24 - Art! 

This week in Green base we have started to look at a new artist, Edward Tinga Tinga. The children have enjoyed learning some facts about the artist and trying to draw in the style of Tinga. We have had a really focused week back and we are enjoying our creative topic!




02.02.24 - Super Science!

In science, Green Base have been looking at how plants transfer water, which links to our topic of river and water. We have also been learning about the parts of the water cycle. Did you know only 2% of the water on Earth can be used by humans? The children were fascinated when they found this fact! The children learnt the topic words: precipitation, accumulation, evaporation and condensation and they were able to say how they related to the water cycle. 



22.01.24 - Marvellous Maths!

In Green Base, maths has looked very practical this week. The children have been investigating multiplication and division using objects and then writing different equations based on each practical model. This has looked like; using counters to build arrays, cubes to show the difference between sharing and grouping for division, Base 10 to multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number.  The children have really engaged with this hands-on approach and shown progress throughout the week. On Wednesday, the children used their recall skills to remember how to do column addition. It's been a long time since they learnt this skill, but the children took on the challenge and were incredible! 



15.01.24 - Focus on Literacy!

This week in Green Base we have been investigating letter writing.  As part of our exciting learning, we have been analysing letters and looking at the structure of this text type. In this activity, the children are putting a letter in order and labelling the features all while using their collaborative cog. We will be using this learning when writing and editing our own letters as part of our topic this term!