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22.03.24 - Expressive Arts and Design!

This week as part of our bear hunt learning we have been drawing bears. Due to the lovely weather, we took our drawing outside. The children talked about the description of a bear from the book and used the pictures from the book and used pens to draw their own bears. 


08.03.24 - People and Communities/The World!

This week we have been learning about the farm before our trip to Meanwood Valley Farm. We have been reading Noisy Farm and finding out about some of the things that we will see. We enjoyed playing with the small world farm and using farm vocabulary. 

We have also been talking about our families and special times, making Mothers Day Cards. 




01.03.2024 - Creating with Materials!

Children have been noticing the signs of spring outside, so we decided to paint flowers! They have been learning the skills of using scissors, tape and glue to make their own creations using different materials. We have also been exploring how to colour mix and use a paintbrush in provision time. Some children have also been exploring materials, pattern and play dough to make birthday cakes. 






23.02.24 - People and Communities!

Children in Nursery have been using their knowledge and understanding of jobs in their families and communities to role play this week. They have enjoyed learning how to keep our outside area clean and tidy, helping to look after their school. What a great start to the term we have had!






09.02.24 - Physical Development!

In Nursery we have been running and riding bikes, finding space, practicing judging speed and obstacles. Outside we have been swinging, climbing, kicking and catching balls. We have also practiced balancing and making our own circuits. Inside in our movement area we have moving in different ways, balancing and learning to jump safely. We have been very active this week!




02.02.24 - Understanding the World!

This week, children have been looking at how materials change by making 3 bears porridge. They have been asking and answering questions about different foods and trying and tasting them. They have also been exploring their familiar world by looking at changes in the weather and their outside environment. Also, children have been using their enquiry skills, exploring how forces work.





26.01.24 - Marvellous Maths

This week, children have been using mathematical language to compare quantities. Children have explored shapes through drawing and making patterns. Some children have also enjoyed making play dough, counting and measuring ingredients. Some children have been counting and matching amounts to 5. Also, we are developing our skills to recognise and match amounts to numerals. We have had a very busy week!




15.01.24 - Focus on Literacy!

In Literacy this week, lots of children have enjoyed retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears using their cut-out characters and story blocks. Some children have enjoyed reading their favourite books and talking about them with their friends. Some children have been practising their tripod grip, mark making with pens. Others have been learning the letters in their name and writing them.