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Year 5

22.03.24 - Drama!

In Indigo Base this week we have used drama to act out different sections of a story to aid our understanding of the plot. This helped to structure our independent writing of a suspense story.



15.03.24 - PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Learning (PSHE)!

In Indigo Base this week, children have been researching inspirational women as part of our work for International Women's Day. They produced posters about their chosen woman after their internet research and group discussions to share their findings.  



08.03.24 - RE

In RE this week we talked about humanism. The children looked at similarities and differences between their own beliefs and humanist beliefs. They then worked in groups to create a poster on Humanism.




01.03.24 - DT!

In Indigo Base, children have been  completing a tapestry task for DT related to our Viking topic. They looked at different designs they could use, then designed their own tapestry. We learnt how to do different types of stitches to make them more effective. The children absolutely loved doing this. 

image.png                                                   image.png





19.02.24 - History!

In Indigo Base we have learned about the Viking raiders and traders during Viking times, looking at different swords, materials for making useful objects and how to make a shield wall to defend ourselves. We were had a great time consolidating our learning at the Royal Armouries Musuem in Leeds City Centre.


image.png                          image.png


09.02.24 - PE!

In outdoor PE this team we have been completing a beanbag stealing challenge to warm up our body for passing and dodging skills. We are working on encouraging others as part of our social skills in physical education. 

In indoor PE we have been working on  seated volleyball to develop core muscles and hand-eye coordination. This linked to the outdoor social cog because we kept the focus of encouraging people. 



02.02.24 - Super Science

In science, we have been investigating which materials are soluble and insoluble in water. We conducted our own experiments in small groups by mixing water with salt, sugar, pepper, flour and rice in test tubes. The groups observed whether the substances dissolved in the water to test whether their predictions were correct. 


22.01.24 - Marvellous Maths!

This week in Indigo Base, children have been working with numicon to order numbers before working on using number bonds to ten and recording them on large paper.  We used multi-link to investigate cube numbers and found that all cube numbers could make a cube shape. If they don't form a cube, they are not cube numbers - we worked as a class to complete this investigation! We also used counters to work out fractions of amounts of unit and non-unit fractions. The counters helped us to visually represent the calculations and gave us a basic understanding of finding fractions of amounts, prior to using formal calculations. We have had a busy week!




15.01.24 - Focus on Literacy!

This term in Indigo Base we are looking at the book There's A Boy in The Girl's Bathroom by Louis Sachar. We have started reading the text as part of our learning and have found it really interesting so far! In our lessons this week, we have been looking in depth at a character called Bradley and trying to infer his thoughts and feelings about other characters in the novel, in preparation for writing a diary entry in role as the character Bradley next week.